300 famous people & celebrities who have suffered with mental illness

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300 famous people & celebrities who have suffered with mental illness

Post by MindPalace on Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:42 pm

300 famous people & celebrities who have suffered with mental illness or issues help highlight the stigma in our society

celebrities with mental health issues illness/disorder

Abbie Hoffman bipolar disorder (speculated)
Abraham Lincoln severe clinical depression
Adam Ant (Stuart Goddard) boipolr
Adam Rickett bulimia nervosa
Alanis Morissette clinical depression
Alastair Campbell depression
Albert Einstein dyslexia (speculated)
Alexander Graham Bell dyslexia
Alfred Taubman dyslexia
Ally Sheedy bulimia nervosa; substance abuse
Alma Powell clinical depression
Alonzo Spellman bipolar disorder
Alvin Ailey bipolar disorder (aka “manic depression”)
Amy Heckerling eating disorders; obsessive-compulsive disorder
Angelina Jolie depression and self harm
Anne Sexton clinical depression
Ann-Margret clinical depression; alcoholism
Art Buchwald bipolar disorder
Audrey Hepburn clinical depression; eating disorders
Axl Rose bipolar disorder
Barbara Niven bulimia nervosa
Barbra Streisand social phobia
Ben Moody depression
Ben Stiller bipolar disorder
Ben Vereen clinical depression
Benjamin Disraeli clinical depression
Bert Yancey bipolar disorder
Bill Lichtenstein bipolar disorder
Bill Oddie bipolar
Billy Joel alcohol and depression
Billy Joel clinical depression
Boris Yeltsin clinical depression
Brian Wilson bipolar disorder
Britney Spears bipolar and post natal depression
Brooke Shields postpartum depression
Burgess Meredith bipolar disorder
Buzz Aldrin clinical depression
Calvin Coolidge clinical depression (speculated)
Carly Simon social phobia
Carmen Miranda clinical depression
Caroline Aherne major depressive disorder
Carrie Fisher bipolar disorder, substance abuse;
Cary Grant clinical depression
catherine zeta jones bipolar II
Charles “Buddy” Bolden schizophrenia
Charles Darwin severe panic disorder
Charles Dickens clinical depression; bipolar disorder (suspected)
Charles Faust schizophrenia
Charles Schulz clinical depression
Charles Schwab dyslexia
Charley Pell clinical depression
Charley Pride bipolar disorder; alcoholism
Clara Bow clinical depression
Cole Porter clinical depression; alcoholism; paranoid delusions; obsessive-compulsive disorder (speculated)
Connie Francis clinical depression
Courtney Love drub abuse, clinical depression
Craig Ferguson alcoholic
Craig McCaw dyslexia
Dame Kelly Holmes depression and self harm
Damon Wayans clinical depression
Daniel Johns clinical depression; anxiety disorder;eating disorder
Danny Glover learning disability
Darryl Strawberry clinical depression
David Boies dyslexia
David Bowie crying but not diagnosed but lots of family mental health issues
David Murdock dyslexia
Delta Burke depression and compulsive hoarding
Denise Welch nervous breakdown
Diane Arbus clinical depression
Dick Cavett depression – found electro shock therapy helpful
Dick Clark clinical depression
Dimitrius Underwood bipolar disorder
DMX bipolar
Dolly Parton clinical depression
Donald Trump possible OCD
Donny Osmond clinical depression; social phobia
Dorothy Day clinical depression
Doug Ferrari borderline personality disorder
Doug Flutie, Jr. autism
Drew Barrymore clinical depression; alcoholism, substance abuse;
Drew Carey clinical depression
Dwight Gooden clinical depression
Earl Campbell panic disorder
Edgar Allan Poe clinical depression (speculated); alcoholism
Edward McVaney dyslexia
Elizabeth Hartman clinical depression (speculated)
Elton John substance abuse and bulimia
Emily Carr various speculations, neurasthenia; hypochondriasis; clinical depression; conversion disorder; schizophrenia:
Emma Thompson clinical depression
Eric Clapton clinical depression
Ernest Hemingway clinical depression
Eugene O’Neill clinical depression
F. Scott Fitzgerald clinical depression
Fiona Phillips depression
Frances Lear bipolar disorder;, substance abuse
Francis Ford Coppola bipolar disorder
Frank Bruno bipolar
Frank Lloyd Wright clinical depression
Gaetano Donizetti bipolar disorder
Gail Porter post natal depression
George Eliot (Marian Evans) clinical depression
George Michael depression and fear
George S. Patton clinical depression; dyslexia
George Washington learning disability
Georgia O’Keeffe clinical depression
Graeme Obree depression
Halle Berry suicide attempt
Harrison Ford clinical depression
Harry Andersen learning disability
Hart Crane clinical depression; alcoholism
Heath Ledger depression, anxiety and sleep depravation
Henry Winkler learning disability
Herb McCauley bulimia nervosa
Hermann Hesse clinical depression
Herschel Walker dissociative identity disorder
Howard Hughes OCD (clinical depression and psychosis both speculated
Howard Stern obsessive-compulsive disorder
Howie Mandel obsessive-compulsive disorder
Hugh Laurie depression
Hunter Tylo clinical depression
Irving Berlin clinical depression
Isaac Newton bipolar disorder (suspected)
J.P. Morgan bipolar disorder
Jack Dee depression
Jack Farrell clinical depression
Jack Irons bipolar disorder
Jack Kerouac clinical depression, substance abuse, severe alcoholism;
Jackson Pollock clinical depression; substance abuse
Jaco Pastorius bipolar disorder; alcoholism; substance abuse
James Dean Bradfield bipolar
James Forrestal clinical depression
James Garner clinical depression
James Taylor clinical depression; bipolar disorder
Jane Fonda bulimia nervosa
Jane Pauley bipolar
Janet Jackson clinical depression
Jean-Claude Van Damme bipolar disorder
Jessica Alba OCD and eating disorder
Jessica Lange clinical depression
Jim Carrey clinical depression
Jimmy Piersall bipolar disorder
Joan Rivers clinical depression; bulimia nervosa
Joey Kramer clinical depression
Joey Slinger clinical depression
John Chambers dyslexia
John Daly bipolar disorder; alcoholism, gambling addiction;
John Forbes Nash schizophrenia (paranoid-type)
John Gibson bipolar disorder
John Kenneth Galbraith clinical depression
John Madden specific phobia (flying)
John Mulheren bipolar disorder
John Nash schizophrenia
John Quincy Adams clinical depression
Jose Canseco clinical depression
Joshua Logan bipolar disorder
Judy Garland clinical depression;,substance abuse
Jules Feiffer clinical depression
Julie Krone post-traumatic stress disorder; clinical depression
Justine Bateman eating disorders
Karen Carpenter anorexia nervosa
Karen Kain clinical depression
Kate Millett bipolar disorder
Katie Price/Jordan post natal depression
Keisha Buchanan depression
Kendall Gill clinical depression
Kim Basinger panic disorder
Kitty Dukakis bipolar disorder, alcoholism; substance abuse;
Kris Kristopherson clinical depression; substance abuse
Kristy McNichol bipolar disorder
Kurt Cobain attention deficit disorder and bipolar depression
Kurt Vonnegut clinical depression/bipolar
Kylie Minogue depression
Larry Flynt bipolar disorder
Larry King clinical depression
Lawton Chiles clinical depression
Lenny Henry depression
Leo Tolstoy clinical depression; hypochondriasis; alcoholism; substance abuse
Leonard Bernstein clinical depression
Leonard Cohen clinical depression
Lewis Preston dyslexia
Linda Hamilton bipolar disorder
Lionel Aldridge schizophrenia (paranoid-type)
Lord Bragg depression
Ludwig van Beethoven bipolar disorder
Macy Gray bipolar
Marc Summers obsessive-compulsive disorder
Margaret Trudeau Kemper bipolar disorder
Margaux Hemingway dyslexia; alcoholism; clinical depression (speculated)
Margot Kidder manic depression (Bipolar) and paranoia
Marie Osmond clinical depression, post-partum
Marilyn Monroe clinical depression/suicide
Mark Rothko clinical depression
Marsha Linehan bpd
Meg Mathews depression
Megan Fox ??? She hasn’t been diagnosed
Mel C: depression
Mel Gibson bipolar
Melinda Messenger depression
Meriwether Lewis clinical depression
Michael Phelps attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Mike Tyson depression and severe insecurities and anger
Mike Wallace clinical depression
Morrissey (S.P.) clinical depression
Murray Pezim bipolar disorder
Natalie Cole clinical depression
Ned Beatty bipolar disorder
Neil Lennon depression
Neil Simon clinical depression
Nelson Rockefeller dyslexia
Nicole Kidman panic attacks on the red carpet
Norman Mailer clinical depression
Ozzy Osbourne bipolar
Pablo Picasso clinical depression
Pat Lafontaine clinical depression
Patricia Cornwell bipolar disorder, anorexia nervosa, anorexia bulimia;;
Patrick Kennedy clinical depression
Patsy Palmer depression and panic attacks
Patty Duke bipolar disorder
Paul Gascoigne clinical depression
Paul Simon clinical depression
Paula Abdul bullimia nervosa
Paula Deen Agoraphobia and panic attacks
Pete Harnisch clinical depression
Peter Gabriel clinical depression
Peter Greene schizophrenia
Phil Spector clinical depression/bipolar
Pierre Péladeau bipolar disorder
Princess Diana Bulimia nevosa, depression and multiple suicide attempts
Queen Victoria clinical depression
Ray Charles clinical depression
Richard Branson dyslexia
Richard Dreyfuss clinical depression/bipolar
Richard Simmons anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa;
Richey James clinical depression, anorexia nervosa;;alcoholism
Rick Springfield clinical depression
Ricky Williams social phobia
Robbie Williams depression
Robert Boorstin bipolar disorder
Robert Campeau bipolar disorder
Robert Lowell bipolar disorder
Robert McFarlane clinical depression
Robert Munsch bipolar disorder
Robert Young clinical depression; alcoholism
Robin Williams clinical depression, learning disability;
Rod Steiger clinical depression
Rodney Dangerfield clinical depression
Roseanne dissociative identity disorder (aka “multiple personality disorder”); obsessive-compulsive disorder; clinical depression; agoraphobia
Rosemary Clooney bipolar
Ruby Wax depression
Russell Grant depression
Sandra Dee anorexia nervosa
Sarah Lancashire depression
Sarah McLachlan clinical depression
Scott Donie clinical depression
Shayne Corson panic attacks
Shecky Greene bipolar disorder, with severe panic attacks
Sheryl Crow clinical depression
Sigmund Freud clinical depression
Sinead O’Connor bipolar
Sir Anthony Hopkins clinical depression
Sir Elton John bulimia nervosa; substance abuse, alcoholism;
Sophie Anderton drug addiction and depression
Spencer Tracy clinical depression; alcoholism
Spike Milligan bipolar disorder
Stephen Fry bipolar depression
Steve Blass social phobia
Steve Sax social phobia
Sting (Gordon Sumner) clinical depression
Susan Powter clinical depression
Syd Barrett schizophrenia
Sylvia Plath clinical depression
Tammy Wynette clinical depression, substance abuse;
Ted Turner bipolar disorder
Tennessee Williams clinical depression
Theodore Dreiser clinical depression
Thomas Alva Edison dyslexia
Thomas Eagleton clinical depression
Tiberius clinical depression (speculated)
Tipper Gore clinical depression
Tom Cruise dyslexia
Tony Slattery bipolar
Tracey Gold anorexia nervosa, attention deficit disorder;
Tracy Thompson clinical depression
Trisha Goddard depression
Tulisa’s mum Tulisa’s mum had scizoaffective disorder
Uma Thurman depression
Vaslav Nijinsky schizophrenia
Veronica Lake schizophrenia; alcoholism
Vincent Foster clinical depression (speculated)
Vincent van Gogh clinical depression; bipolar disorder (speculated)
Vivien Leigh bipolar disorder after miscarriage
Walker Percy clinical depression
Walt Disney dyslexia
Whoopi Goldberg dyslexia
William Hewlett dyslexia
William Styron clinical depression
Winona Ryder clinical depression; anxiety
Winston Churchill bipolar disorder; dyslexia
Woodrow Wilson dyslexia
Yves Saint Laurent clinical depression


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